Every business is expanding its horizon across the globe and challenging its capability to set the benchmark. We appreciate and truly support this step by offering our International Debt collection services in the UK as well. We help you reach out to your trading partners in the UK for any pending debt or outstanding invoices. You are confronted with many challenges for doing outsourced trades such as the varied legislation and different traditions as well. With our global standards and experience in International Debt collection, we can make it hassle-free and customize it as per your needs. Debt Collection

We have expertise in dealing with debt collection in the UK by both ways either extrajudicial phase or in the Judicial phase. We consider solving the matter without court interventions to maintain a positive relationship with the clients. On the other hand, we do not hesitate to take stern action against the debtors who have otherwise intentions of not paying the due amount back on time. We apply conventional as well as unconventional ways of debt collection from phone calls and letters to using technology for skip tracing. Our partners who are representing us locally in the UK use their experience of working in this field locally to make a settlement with the debtor. 

UCS has an experienced team that knows how sensible clients’ data can be hence we follow the data privacy and confidentiality guidelines seriously. We are transparent with our clients and provide them with all the required records so that clients can track their payments too if they wish to. We have expertise in International Debt collection of over 30 years now and we proudly provide the best debt collection services to the business across the Globe.

UCS believes in quality services by leveraging technology and implementing development and meticulous due diligence. We can deploy numerous UK legal actions against your debtor but we only initiate the process after getting your approval. Our debt collection methods are friendly which never affects the long-term relationship with your business partner and hence maintain our reputation in the market. As an International Debt Collection Agency, we have resources across the UK who can collect your business claim easily.