The whole spectrum of industry-oriented services at your doorstep!

Konverge is here to serve you in a high fidelity manner. We guarantee state-of-the-art services that are performed with standardized modes of operation. Not only do we promise giving you the very best…but we also promise to make it a fun experience for you in doing so!

Delivering Services to not just last a lifetime but also to last many application process lifecycles!

Managed Services

IT Facilities Management Services

We manage your IT as our own to help your operational and infrastructural capabilities function better.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

We support you to help you save time and efforts and let you concentrate on the more essentials of your business.

Database Managed Services

Our team of database management services plan and design space, storage, backup and everything that can optimize your database management.

IT service Management

We manage your IT on an everyday basis to make sure that your operations and outcomes are well aligned with your business goals

Email Solutions (Messaging)

Let your customers trust communication through an authenticated and protected email messaging.

Professional Services

Network Architecture, design and Implementation

Go for a seamless integration of new and existing technologies within your IT infrastructure.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

It’s best that one deploys industry standard practices when it comes to data backup and recovery.

Relocation, Migration plan and Implementation

Stay interconnected in this digital world without having to disrupt the basic infrastructure and operations with Konverges’ strategy in relocation and migration.

Network Performance Optimization

Is your network optimized enough o give you the best of the benefits? It is necessary that for a better digital future, your network performance is optimized.

OS Support and Management

Our technical support and your needs are in line and we make the most out of OS support and management.

Virtualization Services

When an innovative technology s is well integrated in your organization you can see the benefits immediately.

ERP Post Implementation Support

With the best in ERP keep all departments in your organization in one place.

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