5 Signs your Network is overdue for an Upgrade

It’s time for a change. Bridge to intent-based networking with Cisco DNA.


1. You’re relying on half-baked security.

It takes only one wrong click for a data breach to put customer assets at risk and impact the entire organization. To securely connect everything, start by using Cisco® Software-Defined Access (SD-Access) to simplify segmentation and automate policy across the network fabric. Use real-time data to secure access, provide visibility and intelligence, and sense suspicious activity—even in encrypted traffic.

2. You’re spending most of your time maintaining.

You can’t future-proof your network when you’re spending all of your time maintaining aging infrastructure and software contracts. With a network powered by Cisco DNA™ virtualization and Cisco DNA Premier subscriptions, you can improve performance while dramatically simplifying deployments, operations, and management. Cisco DNA Center makes it easy to design, provision, set policy, and make configuration changes across a single network fabric on a centralized dashboard.

3. You’re stuck in the slow lane.


Older networks weren’t built to support the technology demands of today. When you migrate to the new network, a digital-ready infrastructure makes it easy to control and improve experiences with the network edge. With modern converged wired and wireless technology, you can innovate faster than ever. Cisco 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless solutions are up to 11.5 times faster than the previous-generation technology. Cisco is also the only vendor to team up with Apple to deliver a better mobile experience.

4. You don’t know what’s happening on your Network.


What you don’t know can hurt your business—and what you do know can make a big difference. Cisco DNA Analytics and Assurance employs machine learning to deliver actionable insights, while Cisco DNA Center’s centralized dashboard helps you optimize network and application performance. That means you can make smarter, data-driven decisions with the help of the Network.

5. You need to improve experiences.




Expectations are rising on all fronts—and if you’re not there to meet them, someone else will be. As employees need work-from-home capabilities and customers demand personalized experiences, you’ll need a digital-ready infrastructure designed for security, mobility, Internet of Things, and cloud. Done right, the network edge can give you insight into your users, their devices, and the applications they access—all while learning and adapting to changes and needs in the network.

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